Olive Bar

We offer a plethora of olives—loose and in glass jars or plastic tubs—that can run the gamut from brine-cured to oil-cured, from luminous green to dull green and from deep black to a rather unnatural red.


Olive oil is one of the healthiest substitute for any fat used in any cooking recipe. Try substituting butter or shortening with olive oil.

The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean, where it has been an important part of life for thousands of years.

Olive oil is technically a fruit juice, rather than an oil. The olives are pressed to release their juices, just as an orange or a lemon would be pressed.

Most olive oil has 5mg of flavenoid Polyphenols for every 10 grams of oil. These Polyphenols are natural antioxidants that can prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, and reduce the overall effects of aging.

People who live in the Mediterranean countries have some of the lowest mortality rates in the world from cardiovascular related diseases. There are many researches showing positive links between Mediterranean diet and olive oil, which is their main source of fat.

Olive oil is the most easily absorbed edible healthy fat, and it contains no cholesterol.


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