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Fresh, Quality and Delicious All Year Round!

Brothers Produce of NJ carefully sources the freshest, highest quality selection of products, including traditional produce, seasonal produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other non-perishable products.

Take one look at our produce department and you’ll know that we select the highest quality fruits and vegetables at the peak of freshness. Our produce buyers are experts at finding the finest produce locally, regionally and from around the world by forming one-on-one relationships with farmers and growers.

Much of our produce is found as a result of our decades-long commitment to supporting local farmers and growers. These partnerships guarantee products are harvested and delivered to our store at the height of ripeness, oftentimes arriving the same day they are picked.

Your healthy choice to eating starts in Brothers Produce of NJ. We offer our customers a wide selection of the freshest selection of fruits and vegetables. Our enormous variety includes staples like apples, bananas, tomatoes, strawberries, jalapenos, avocados, onions, lettuce, etc. as well as a wide array of exotic fruits and vegetables. In addition, our highly qualified buyers go to the markets each day. This ensures that your getting the best product at the best price. We welcome you to experience fresh produce delivered to our store seven days a week.

Our produce department provides the best fruits and vegetables that available in Northern New Jersey. Our wide selection of apples, citruses, berries, bananas, grapes, and melons and much more arrive fresh daily from all over the United States. Our vegetable selections are well maintained like our own private gardens to insure our products’ crisp freshness and vitamin rich benefits.

In addition to our local and regional growers, we also seek out a niche selection of hard-to-find, unique fruits and vegetables from around the world.

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Fruits from our local and regional growers   Apples | Apricots | Avocados (ripe & unripe) | Berries & Cherries | Cantaloupe | Citrus | Grapefruit | Cherries | Lemons & Limes | Grapes | Kiwifruit | Nectarines | Tropical Fruits | Pears | Peaches | Persimmons | Plums | Strawberries | Mangos* | Oranges | Pineapples* | Bananas* | Papayas* | Watermelon

Fruits from around the globe** Cactus Pears | Jackfruit | Guavas | Key Limes | Kishu Mandarin | Kiwano Melons | Kiwi Berries | Kumquats | Lemondrop Melons | Loquat | Lychee | Keitt Mango | Mangosteen | Melo Gold Grapefruit | Meyer Lemons | Neapolitan | Tangerines | Ojai Kishu Mandarins | Ojai Pixie Tangerine | Orange Honeydew Melon | Cara Cara Oranges | Organic Drinking Coconuts | Maradol Papaya | Passion Fruit | Pepino Melons | Pink Variegated Lemons | Plantains | Pomegranates | Pummelo | Quince | Rambutan | Red Apricots | Red Dragonfruit | Sapote | Seedless Lemons | Shasta Gold Tangerines | Starfruit | Sumo Citrus | Sweet Young Coconut | Uniq Fruit | White Dragonfruit | Yellow Dragonfruit | Asia Butterscotch Pears | Black Velvet Apricots | Blood Oranges | Brown Coconut | Buddha Hand | Canary Melon | Champagne Grapes | Charentais Melons | Cherimoya | Cocktail Grapefruit | Crenshaw Melon | Feijoas | Fuyu Persimmon | Golden Velvet Apricots | Gooseberries | Green Dragon Apples | Green Oro Blanco

Fresh Vegetables   Artichokes | Asparagus | Beans | Bell Peppers | Broccoli | Bok Choy | Cabbage & Brussels Sprouts | Carrots | Celery | Cauliflower | Cucumbers | Collard Greens | Chili Peppers | Corn | Chayotes | Cactus Leaves (Nopales) | Eggplants | Greens & Lettuce | Green Beans | Kale | Mushrooms | Onions* | Peppers | Jalapeños | Parsnips | Potatoes* & Yams | Sweet Potatoes* | Squash & Zucchini | Yellow Squash | Acorn Squash | Butternut Squash | Jicama* | Tomatoes* | Swiss Chard | Okra

Fresh Herbs       Chives | Fresh Rosemary | Fresh Oregano | Parsley | Cilantro | Dill | Mint Bunch | Fresh Sage

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Frozen Vegetables          Mixed Vegetables | Peas Poly Bag

*Do not refrigerate this item! Cold temperatures may damage flavor and texture.

**Please note, not all varieties will be available at all times in the store.