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Frozen Foods & Dairy Department

Brothers Produce of NJ provides the freshest and finest in named brand dairy products.

Our frozen food cases contain a larger than ever variety of frozen fruits and vegetables as well as freezer meals, frozen treats and desserts.

In our frozen foods & dairy department, we strive to offer a wide array of choices. From yogurt to milk varieties to award-winning cheeses, Brothers Produce of NJ frozen foods & dairy products are an ever-expanding line – created to bring customers the finest dairy products.

Just to name a few:

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Middle Eastern Cheese Varieties: From soft-brined to hard-aged. Sourced from the US and across the globe—available in-store, we’ve got something for everyone.

Local goat’s milk cheeses, local cow’s milk cheeses, local burrata & mozzarella cheeses and Middle-Eastern cheese ( Feta, Bulgari, Roomy and Nabulsi).


An aged but soft cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, feta’s best quality might be its versatility.


A soft creamy cheese made from strained yogurt, labneh is easy to make at home and lower in calories than American-style cream cheese.


Ackawi, a cheese made from cow’s milk, originated in the Aker region of Palestine.


A semi-hard brined cheese typically made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, nabulsi comes from Palestine and the surrounding areas. It can be studded with black caraway seeds. Nabulsi is often used as a table cheese and is the main ingredient in katayef pastry.

Jibneh Arabieh

A semi-hard, mild cheese common in Egypt, ​jibneh arabieh was originally produced using goat’s or sheep’s milk but today is typically made with cow’s milk.


Unique for being shaped like an orange, testouri hails from Egypt and is eaten lightly salted. It is made from goat’s or sheep’s milk.


Halloumi, produced from a mixture of goat’s and ship’s milk, resembles mozzarella.


Shanklish is a cheese common to Syria and Lebanon and made from sheep’s or cow’s milk. It is commonly formed into balls, then allowed to dry and age. The cheese can be eaten fresh or aged.


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Choose from a variety of cheeses, butter, milk and juices fresh from the dairy farms. We also carry a wide selection of yogurts and wholesome snacks that fit a busy lifestyle.

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