Tips for Ripening your Fruit

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  • January 7, 2022
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Ripen Fruit Faster By Putting It In a Paper Bag

Putting the fruit in a loosely closed paper bag traps the ethylene gas inside and accelerates ripening. Don’t seal the bag too tightly or use a plastic bag, however—if you trap too much moisture, mold may grow. If you really want to ripen things in a hurry, put an apple in the bag with your other fruit—they produce a lot of ethylene gas.

General Tips

Check the color. Color is often an important indicator of ripeness. Strawberries should be deep red, bananas should be yellow and oranges should be orange.

Squeeze the fruit. Some fruits, like apples should be firm, while others, like peaches, shouldn’t be as firm.

Check the stems. Some fruits, like pears and cantaloupes, should be a bit softer around the stem.

Smell the fruit. The fragrance of a ripe fruit should be quite noticeable when you pick it up.

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